License Troubleshooting

PropertyWizard licensing should ‘just work’. But occasionally you may encounter problems. This page lists the most likely problems and solutions, but if your problem is not listed here, please get in touch:

Not Signed In

Your PropertyWizard license is linked to your Autodesk Account. To use PropertyWizard, you have to be signed in to your Autodesk Account in Revit. If you are not signed in, PropertyWizard will show this dialog:

‘Not Signed In’ error

Fix this problem by signing in to Revit using the button at the top-right of the Revit window:

No Network

Your PropertyWizard license is stored on Autodesk’s cloud server. If PropertyWizard cannot contact the server (for example, if you are not connected to the internet), PropertyWizard will not be able to access your license and will show this dialog:

‘No Network’ error

Fix this problem by connecting to the internet.

No License

You need a license to use PropertyWizard. If the license server does not contain a license matching your Autodesk Account, PropertyWizard will show this dialog:

‘No License’ error

Fix this problem by assigning a valid license to your Autodesk Account.