PropertyWizard: Set Revit parameter values automatically

Hello, and welcome to PropertyWizard!

Have you ever wanted to combine Revit parameter values together? Or change one parameter whenever another changes?

PropertyWizard gives you the power to do that, quickly and automatically.

For example, with PropertyWizard you can:

  • Set the Sheet Number of all the sheets from their other parameters.
  • Set the Door Numbers of all the doors, using parameters from each door’s Level and Type.
  • Set visible properties for X and Y location on all pile foundations so you can schedule them.

How does PropertyWizard work?

In a word: Formulas

You already use formulas in the Family Editor, to control parameter values. PropertyWizard brings that parameter-setting formula power into your Projects:

  1. You write a formula to set the value of a parameter.
  2. PropertyWizard sets the parameter value and keeps it up to date.

Your formulas can set Type or Instance parameters, on any category of element. PropertyWizard will set the target property value for each element or type in the category. In your formula, you can use the values of the element’s own parameters, it’s API properties, and the parameters of any related elements (such as a Door’s Level or a View’s Sheet).

And best of all, because PropertyWizard is linked into Revit’s parametric change engine, the parameter values are kept up-to-date all the time. No need to repeatedly run Dynamo scripts to update the parameters. #ReviseInstantly

How do I get PropertyWizard?

You can download a free trial of PropertyWizard from the Autodesk App Store:

PropertyWizard on the Autodesk App Store

There’s a full Help file, and if you have any problems at all, please get in touch: