Close-up photo of mossy stone, with fallen leaves and twigs

2024-01-01 Daily Round-up

Well, let’s see how this goes. One day at a time.

Today’s ‘move towards sketching’ was to test my watercolour brushes. I made a post about this, with a photo of the result. This is a bit like sharpening the pencils instead of getting down to work. But on the other hand, you can only build up the skill in the tools and materials by messing about with them.

I had a walk in the woods, and took photos of mossy stones and some bracket fungi. The mossy stones made it into another post. The bracket fungi will have to wait.

In 3D, I made some progress with my car paint / sliding surfaces project in Blender. I fixed a silly mistake in the Geometry Nodes that I didn’t see yesterday. But ultimately, the mesh surfaces I’m getting aren’t smooth enough – they still show lots of faceting. Is this fixable within Blender, I wonder? Or should I bail into Rhino for pure NURBS surfaces? Am I using the wrong tool, or using the tool wrong?

Nothing so far on Code or Audio, but there is time yet.

On social media, I posted on X/Twitter about the brushes test, and commented on a post by Beeple.

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