September 2021

Creating Revit Parameters to use with Groups and PropertyWizard

If you are creating parameters in projects that have Groups, and you are using PropertyWizard, you should be aware of this setting in the Parameter Properties dialog: What does the setting do? Well, it only has an effect if you’re using groups, and it’s only active for instance parameters. For example, imagine you add aRead more “Creating Revit Parameters to use with Groups and PropertyWizard”

How PropertyWizard generates text values

The previous post explains how to use the ‘+’ operator to join text values together in PropertyWizard. But it doesn’t explain how PropertyWizard generates text values from the Revit properties that you use in your formulas. For example, in this formula what determines how the Length value is formatted? “This wall is ” + LengthRead more “How PropertyWizard generates text values”

PropertyWizard – New Version 1-7-1

PropertyWizard 1-7-1 is now live on the Autodesk App Store. Download from here – with free trial Help file here This version includes support for Revit 2022 and drops support for Revit 2016 and 2017. I’ve also added ‘Assemblies’ to the Category drop-down, so you can set up formulas on assemblies:

Your first PropertyWizard formula: ‘Hello Wall’

This is a quick exploration based on the first ‘Getting Started’ tutorial from the PropertyWizard Help. The tutorials are meant to give you a good introduction to PropertyWizard and what it can do for you. The first tutorial’s formula is straightforward: It collects all the walls in the project and sets their Comments parameter toRead more “Your first PropertyWizard formula: ‘Hello Wall’”