Walls with Fixed Area

I’ve been experimenting with PropertyWizard’s Length and Area functionality.

The functionality’s fairly limited right now (I have more coding to do), but I wonder what’s possible with the current functionality?

Is it possible to fix the area of a wall by controlling the Unconnected Height?

Yes, it is!

Fix the area of a wall by controlling the Unconnected Height

This is fairly straightforward. I know that Area = Length x Height, which means that Height = Area / Length, so I need:

[Unconnected Height] = [Fixed Area] / Length

In this case, I’ve hard-coded the [Fixed Area] as 20 sqm, but you could refer to a property just as easily. It would have to be an Area property, not Text or a Number.

And now, all the walls I draw change height to maintain an Area of 20 sq.m:

All the walls have an area of 20 sq.m.
Wall schedule showing fixed areas

Here comes trouble

How-ev-er. You will notice that I’ve drawn all the walls separately, not chained together. Why? Because Revit has an entertaining way of calculating wall areas. 

In this screenshot, you can see that the wall’s Length is 4m, and its Unconnected Height is 5m, but it reports an Area of 21.992 sq.m.???

Bizarre Area calculation?

It looks as though Revit is calculating the Area using the maximum extents of the wall. Meaning that joined walls report different Areas than unjoined ones. And the reported Areas change when you change the wall join from Butt to Mitre.

Different wall joins produce different reported Areas

Never mind: This wasn’t a very practical example to start with. But I hope it gives you some ideas for the kinds of things you can do with parametric formulas in PropertyWizard.

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