Error: ‘Property name not recognised: …’

This must be the most common error I get in PropertyWizard. It means that there isn’t a property called ‘whatever’ on the element. And the key to fixing the problem is to look carefully at the name PropertyWizard thinks it’s looking for (‘whatever’), and ask yourself if that’s really the property name you want?

Often, I find that I’ve mis-spelled the property name – In this case, I’ve typed ‘Cill’ instead of ‘Sill’:

Double-check the name of the property in the Properties box or in RevitLookup.

Other times, I’ve forgotten that the property name contains a space: Property names that contain a space have to be enclosed in square brackets, as described in this post.

You can see that PropertyWizard has only found the first part of the name, stopping at the space, and of course there isn’t a property called ‘Sill’ on the element.

Still other times, I’ve accidentally missed out the space altogether, and typed ‘SillHeight’. Again, there’s no such property:

And finally, I sometimes forget that a property is a type property, and so don’t prefix the property name with ‘Type.’

So, there are plenty of ways you can type a property name wrong in your formulas, and only one way to type it right. But PropertyWizard’s error message tells you how it has interpreted your typing, and from that you can usually work out what to fix.

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