Showing Door Handedness (video)

A quick video showing PropertyWizard updating the handedness of doors in a door schedule.

I’ve created a new ‘Hand’ parameter on the Doors in my project, and added it to a door schedule. As I flip the doors between Right and Left hand, PropertyWizard keeps the parameter up-to-date. So the schedule always shows the correct door hand.

There are different conventions for handedness in different countries: This example shows the DIN 107 standard, but you can customise the PropertyWizard formula to match the standard that applies to your project.

Showing Door Handedness using PropertyWizard for Revit

5 thoughts on “Showing Door Handedness (video)”

  1. Hi Harold,
    I am working on the Revit 2021 release at the moment – it should be on the app store in the next few weeks.

    1. Hi Jordi,
      Thank you for your question! Yes, I used this formula:
      if(Mirrored, “Right”, “Left”)
      Please let me know how you get on with it.

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