How to fix Revit’s Filters with PropertyWizard

Revit’s ‘Filters’ feature is great for highlighting elements based on their parameters, but you are restricted in which parameters you can use.

For Walls, for example, you cannot use any of these ‘Constraints’ parameters in a filter:

Revit's Instance Properties panel for a wall

PropertyWizard lets you overcome this restriction – because you can set up a formula to copy the values of these ‘forbidden’ parameters into another parameter of your choice, and then you can set up a filter using that new, unrestricted parameter. PropertyWizard keeps the new parameter value updated, so your filter will ‘just work’.

For example, you can set up a diagnostic view to colour walls by their Base Constraint Level like this:

First, set up a new project or shared parameter to hold the name of the level:

Revit Parameter Properties dialog showing the DWD-BaseConstraintName parameter. It is a Text parameter and applies to the Walls category.

Next, set up a formula to copy the Name of the Base Constraint level:

[Base Constraint].Name
PropertyWizard Formula window showing a formula for the category 'Walls', Target Property is 'DWD-BaseConstraintName' and the Formula text is [Base Constraint].Name

And finally, set up filters to highlight the walls based on your new parameter:

Revit Filters dialog showing a filter on Walls, where DWD-BaseConstraintName = Level 0

Here, I have highlighted the walls at Level 0 in green, and the ones at Level 1 in blue:

3D Revit view showing example walls coloured by their Base Constraint Level
Revit Wall Schedule showing example walls.

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