PropertyWizard – New Version 1-8-2

PropertyWizard version 1-8-2 is now live on the Autodesk App Store.

Download from here – with free trial

Help file here

This version adds several new functions, mostly in response to requests from users. If there’s a function you’d like to see in PropertyWizard, please let me know!

Text functions

Several new functions to make it easier to manipulate text:

substr(<text>, <index>), which returns the end of the <text> starting from character number <index>, counting from zero.

leftstr(<text>, <count>), which returns <count> characters from the start of <text>.

rightstr(<text>, <count>), which returns <count> characters from the end of <text>.

toLowercase(<text>), which returns the <text> converted to lowercase.

toUppercase(<text>), which returns the <text> converted to uppercase.

toTitlecase(<text>), which returns the <text> converted to title case.

The text functions are also much more forgiving in this version: If you specify indexes or counts that are too big, the functions will complete rather than throwing an error.

Trig function atan2

This version adds atan2(y, x), which implements the Math.Atan2(Double, Double) method from the .Net framework. This is useful for converting from a vector (e.g. a wall direction vector) to an angle.

Take care, though – the order of the arguments is ‘y before x’ to follow the .Net method, not ‘x before y’ which might seem more logical!


This version adds two ‘virtual properties’ that you can use on any category:

WorksharingInfo.Creator which returns the username of the person who created the element.

WorksharingInfo.LastChangedBy which returns the username of the person who last changed the element, or technically ‘…who last saved a user change of this element to the central model.’

Both of these are properties of the WorksharingToolTipInfo class, and return the same information that is shown in the worksharing tooltip.

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