New text case functions in PropertyWizard V1-8-2

There are three new text case functions in PropertyWizard version 1-8-2. They allow you to change text between lower and upper case, and to capitalise the words of a piece of text.

toLowercase(<text>) and toUppercase(<text>)

These two functions convert text to lowercase and to uppercase respectively.

They are useful when you want to enforce a particular annotation standard. For example, if you want to change all the Room names in a project to uppercase, you can use a formula like this:

PropertyWizard Formula window showing a formula for the category 'Rooms', Target Property is 'Name' and the Formula text is 'toUppercase(Name)'

You can run this once to change the names and then delete it. Or you can leave it running – in which case it will change any typed-in room names to uppercase automatically.


This function converts the <text> to title case, generally by converting ‘… the first character of each word to uppercase and the rest of the characters to lowercase’. Words that are all uppercase are assumed to be acronyms and are left unchanged.

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