PropertyWizard – New Version 1-11-0 on its way

I have uploaded the next version of PropertyWizard (my add-in for Revit) to the Autodesk App Store. This version includes three new Parameter Types: Distance, URL and Number of Poles.

  • Distance is like Length but unlike Length parameters, Distance parameters can ‘Vary by group instance’, which is useful if your target elements belong to a Revit group. Distance parameters can also be formatted independently from Length parameters.
  • URL parameters are useful because they will appear as live links in PDF exports.
  • Number of Poles is an electrical parameter type, which will work alongside the electrical parameter types released earlier this month in PropertyWizard version 1-10-0.

At the same time, I’ve uploaded the first version of PropertyWizard Pro. This is a new add-in for Revit, which has all the functionality of standard PropertyWizard plus extra features for those who need the most power and flexibility.

Both new versions will now be reviewed by the Autodesk App Store team, and should be available to download in the next couple of weeks.

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