Error: ‘Property name not recognised: …’

This must be the most common error I get in PropertyWizard. It means that there isn’t a property called ‘whatever’ on the element. And the key to fixing the problem is to look carefully at the name PropertyWizard thinks it’s looking for (‘whatever’), and ask yourself if that’s really the property name you want? Often,Read more “Error: ‘Property name not recognised: …’”

PropertyWizard Help File

There is a comprehensive help file for PropertyWizard. It contains a ‘getting started’ tutorial and a complete reference to the formula language.  The App Store installer places a copy of the help file on your hard disk here: C:\ProgramData\Autodesk\ApplicationPlugins\DavidWoodDesign_PropertyWizard.bundle\Contents\PropertyWizard_Help.pdf And you can download a copy directly from the website here: PropertyWizard Help

BS1192 / ISO19650 Numbering

I’ve updated the video showing BS1192 / ISO19650 numbering of Sheets in Revit using PropertyWizard. The method and formula are just like the previous post. Any questions, please leave a comment or get in touch: support@davidwooddesign.com.

Walls with Fixed Area

I’ve been experimenting with PropertyWizard’s Length and Area functionality. The functionality’s fairly limited right now (I have more coding to do), but I wonder what’s possible with the current functionality? Is it possible to fix the area of a wall by controlling the Unconnected Height? Yes, it is!

How to use Property Names that contain spaces (and other things)

Property names can contain spaces and other special characters. To use those properties in your PropertyWizard formulas, enclose the property name in square brackets, like this: [Fire Rating] Otherwise, PropertyWizard will show an error message: the name that PropertyWizard identifies in the error message will just be the first part of the name you intended.