PropertyWizard Help File

There is a comprehensive help file for PropertyWizard. It contains a ‘getting started’ tutorial and a complete reference to the formula language.  The App Store installer places a copy of the help file on your hard disk here: C:\ProgramData\Autodesk\ApplicationPlugins\DavidWoodDesign_PropertyWizard.bundle\Contents\PropertyWizard_Help.pdf And you can download a copy directly from the website here: PropertyWizard Help

BS1192 / ISO19650 Numbering

I’ve updated the video showing BS1192 / ISO19650 numbering of Sheets in Revit using PropertyWizard. The method and formula are just like the previous post. Any questions, please leave a comment or get in touch: support@davidwooddesign.com.

Walls with Fixed Area

I’ve been experimenting with PropertyWizard’s Length and Area functionality. The functionality’s fairly limited right now (I have more coding to do), but I wonder what’s possible with the current functionality? Is it possible to fix the area of a wall by controlling the Unconnected Height? Yes, it is!

Version 0-16-0 Beta

This is a quick summary of the main changes included in PropertyWizard_V0-16-0_Beta. There are three main changes: one new feature and two bug fixes. New feature: Views added to Category List Bug fix: Rounding error in Length and Area values Bug fix: Uncatchable errors accessing some properties